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Mistakes to Avoid When Picking a Multifamily Property Management Software

Multifamily property management software has helped transform how people manage their communities and buildings. With the right software, managers can streamline their processes while improving the lives of their residents.

With the wrong software, however, small issues can become bigger problems as platforms de-velop and tech progresses. That’s why it’s important to avoid common mistakes property man-agers make when picking property-wide software.

Here are just a few mistakes when picking new property management software and how to avoid them.

1. Starting without a plan

Many property managers leap into upgrading their multifamily property management software before they truly know why. What ends up happening is they pick one that addresses their most immediate concerns and little else. If you are looking for a new management software, start by writing down why. Get a sense of the problems your platform needs to solve and processes it needs to streamline. From there, you can make a more informed decision for what software will best help you now and in the future.

2. Choosing lots of different software instead of one

Every day, another software with its own app that doesn’t integrate arrives, claiming to solve some issue related to property management. Eventually, you have a property management software that may work but it’s terribly inefficient. Events management is on one app. Pay-ments on another. Scheduling requests is on yet another.

While all of these apps and software may help solve something, you should avoid trying to fit together disparate apps. Instead, get a multifamily property management software that puts everything together. Elevated Living’s management platform has helped its clients reduce the number of apps they use by 90%. That means you have almost everything you need in one place. And so do your residents.

3. Looking at price and nothing else

Your property management software should help you grow more efficiently, improve experi-ences and save money. Some will do this better than others. If the point is improvement and efficiency, however, choosing the cheapest software available will save you the least through inefficiencies and poor quality.

While it’s important not to spend more than budgeted, especially if you plan on scaling up, fo-cusing solely on price will likely leave you with a software that’s limited, rather than improves entire organizational processes.

4. Avoiding the data

One of the most important and beneficial aspects of any great multifamily property manage-ment software is the availability of data. While almost all will provide some data, you will want one that leverages data-based insights not available anywhere else.

Elevated Living can give you access to important data that can help you improve your M&A and allows residents to enjoy communities even more. From event registration tracking to resident engagement scores, we collect everything into easy-to-understand visuals that help you figure out where you excel, and where you can improve.

Your choice for a multifamily property management software

Elevated Living is a new multifamily property management software approach to property management that has helped increase resident retention rates, increase engagement with communities and streamline processes for managers. Contact our team today to book a demo and learn if our solution will work for you.