Offer your residents a new type of amenity and unlock new revenue streams for your asset
On-Demand Concierge Services
Hotel Style Personal Services
From hotel style housekeeping services, health club rated personal trainers, to spa-like massage therapists, we hire the top talent in the industry to service your residents.
Hotel style personal services.
Pet grooming services.
Housekeeping services.
Massage services.
We are building the future of the Class A resident experience
Concierge services should be built into the property management software.
Residents shouldn’t have to download 6 different apps to book various on-site services.
Property managers shouldn’t have to be bombarded by 7 different vendors asking them to promote their app & services.
White-Labeled Services For Your Community
Services offered: Personal trainers, massage therapists, dog walkers and groomers, housekeepers, handyman services, smart home installation, and private chef.
Offer your residents an experience they won’t forget
Improve Experience
Improve Experience: Offer your residents an experience that they won’t forget.
Make your community more welcoming for residents
Improve Renewals
Improve Renewals: Make your community more sticky for residents.
Cross-utilization of the app improves involvement
Improve Engagement
Improve Engagement: Cross utilization of the app improves other parameters.
Reduce the number of apps residents use or need
Decrease App Fatigue
Decrease App Fatigue: Significantly reduce the number of apps residents are forced to use.
We manage the people
Building an app is easy, managing people and services is hard. We do both.
Our vertically integrated personal services & property management software are optimized to drive efficiency for operations and deliver 5-star services for residents.
Amenity Management
Elevated Living partners with residential luxury apartments to facilitate & cultivate a sense of community. Our goal is to help attract and retain residents, while activating your amenity spaces.
Fitness Center Design and Management
Group Fitness Classes
Hotel-Style Fitness Services
Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Beauty Consultants
Private Chef & Meal Delivery Services

commercial office
Amenity Management
Partnering with us to manage your commercial office fitness center will retain and attract new tenants, adding to your bottom line. Modern commercial office buildings operate similar to a B2C model.
Elevated Living's roots are in wellness; we own and operate multiple boutique fitness studios that offer fitness classes, high-end wellness retreats, and luxury experiences not found elsewhere.
Design, Development and Management
Technology Offering Hundreds of Integrations
Activation Event Programming
Analytic Reports