Resident app
How can a resident app create a culture of community at your luxury multifamily residential development? Branded resident apps are optimized to manage the digital and physical resident onboarding experience, creating streamlined processes that lead to high resident satisfaction. Here’s how Elevated Living’s branded resident experience platform works:
Download the branded resident app.
With customized move-in checklists and one-click service elevator booking, moving in is just the start of a seamless process for your residents and property managers.
Automate amenity reservations.
Promote: Build organic community.
Residents have a variety of services to choose from, in the same app they connect to maintenance and pay rent.
Our platform is optimized to automate and handle any type of event.
Attract: White label your brand.
Features built to help attract new residents.
People who live in luxury, Class A communities are looking for much more than a place to live—they’re looking for a great resident experience. Our resident experience app helps your community stand out with white label technology and human-powered hospitality services. We help you attract residents who will never want to leave. Features of our easy-to-use platform include:
Easy event & experience booking
Monitored social feed & resident marketplace
Customized move-in checklists for easy onboarding
Neighborhood perks program
White-labeled services and building-branded resident app
On-demand personal concierge services
On-demand services in your branded app, such as TV mounting & furniture assembly, will delight your residents right from the start.
Moving can be one of life’s most stressful experiences, but it doesn’t have to be. Elevated Living helps make the move-in and move-out process simple with customized move-in checklists, one-click service elevator booking and other features that lead to the start of a seamless process for residents and property managers alike. You can even integrate home insurance, maintenance requests, guest management and more all at the touch of a button in your very own branded app.

We create a branded app just for your community, featuring all the amenities and perks your development has to offer. From furniture assembly to TV mounting, appointment scheduling and more, we promise your residents will be delighted from the moment they move in.
Automate amenity reservations and easily communicate and share files with residents.
With your branded resident experience app, you can automate operations to make life easier for property managers and more enriching for residents. It’s easy to automate amenity reservations in the app, reducing friction and making residents happy. You can also upload all important documents residents need in one secure spot. With automated notifications and emails, you and your residents can stay connected and enjoy streamlined communication.
Residents love participating in the community and neighborhood that they live in.
Use "Groups" to facilitate organic engagement in your community.
At Elevated Living, we believe in building organic communities and connecting residents. With your branded resident engagement platform, you can rest assured your residents will love living in your community and participating in everything it has to offer. Our unique “Groups” feature facilitates organic engagement in your community. Our professional event planners are at your service to organize and plan special events that drive true engagement between residents.
Our fully staffed on-demand concierge services make your community feel like a 5-star resort.
Want to ensure residents of your community feel like they’re living in a 5-star resort? We help you do just that with hotel-style concierge services and amenities. Residents don’t need to juggle several apps to book fitness classes, personal training, housekeeping, pet services, dry cleaning and more—they can do it all with your branded app.
Our automated platform can handle any type of event, from holiday parties to field trips, book clubs, cooking classes and more. We know that most property managers aren’t event planners, which is why we’re ready to do all the work for you, including marketing, social media, clean-up and more.

Interested in delighting residents of your Class A community with your very own community branded app? Contact Elevated Living and start improving your resident experience right from the get-go.